members RSS feed of new members of the BloggersCircle. Thomas Byrne Sat, 12 Sep 09 14:31:33 -0600 Conservative Politics from a resoundingly Clarkian perspective. Thomas Byrne Tory Bear Sun, 06 Sep 09 23:49:33 -0600 Right-wing political gossip... Tory Bear Patrick Baty Fri, 04 Sep 09 15:04:49 -0600 Thoughts on architectural paint and colour. Some of the more unusual things that Fellows get up to. Patrick Baty Sam McLean Fri, 04 Sep 09 14:04:59 -0600 As the new director of public participation at the RSA I have just set up a project blog for the Citizen Power programme I am setting up. The blog discusses issues of public policy, politics, philosophy and methods of citizen engagement and how they relate to the issue of citizens having greater power and influence over decision-making and policy in the UK. Sam McLean Paul Canning Thu, 27 Aug 09 08:36:28 -0600 TBC Paul Canning Simon Cooke Wed, 26 Aug 09 20:15:37 -0600 Cullingworth nestles in Yorkshire's wonderful South Pennines and I have the pleasure and delight to be the village's Conservative Councillor. But these are my views - on politics, food, beer and the stupidity of those who want to tell me what to think or do. And a little on mushrooms. Simon Cooke david owen Wed, 12 Aug 09 14:58:56 -0600 my blog is an article accounting my experience with call centre employment, which makes for, in my opinion, humours and informative reading david owen Jason Seebaruth Sat, 08 Aug 09 14:41:32 -0600 Writing about education, technology and media. Jason Seebaruth Nick Booth Sat, 08 Aug 09 11:28:45 -0600 Social media and social good all wrapped up in a layer of very local stuff about government, democracy, transparency and trust. Nick Booth Henry Kippin Wed, 05 Aug 09 09:04:19 -0600 Its the blog of the 2020 public services trust at the RSA. Comment on public service, and debates on politics and current affairs. Mostly written by me, but with contributions from the 2020 team, and 2020 Commissioners such as Matthew Taylor, Hilary Cottam and Ben Lucas. We think its a good mix of the light-hearted, well-measured and topical... Henry Kippin Working Class Tory Mon, 03 Aug 09 20:13:06 -0600 It is a conservative blog, with a working class viewpoint and touching upon mostly working class issues. Working Class Tory neilperkin Mon, 03 Aug 09 13:18:55 -0600 Only Dead Fish is a blog about advertising, marketing, media, and the ever changing world of digital communications. It's written by me, the Director of Marketing & Strategy for IPC Media in the UK. neilperkin Karina Brisby Sun, 02 Aug 09 20:34:15 -0600 Looking at trends in online organising, thoughts about technology and projects I am working on. Karina Brisby The Vibe Thu, 30 Jul 09 07:05:14 -0600 A fresh new online political magazine aimed at young people. We cover everything from youth unemployment to international relations. The Vibe modernityblog Tue, 28 Jul 09 23:51:48 -0600 My mutterings at 3am in the morning, covering politics, people, antifascism and technology. Nothing too coherent, but it saves my sanity. modernityblog Tanya Corbett Tue, 28 Jul 09 09:39:33 -0600 I spend my days working with young people aged 18-24 who have been through the care system, often they are not equipped with a good education, social skills and a network of support. Tanya Corbett Scott Green Sat, 25 Jul 09 20:37:20 -0600 Politics, current affairs and international relations from a classical liberal perspective. Scott Green Graham Jeffery Fri, 24 Jul 09 20:58:29 -0600 Various clippings from bits of my life, somewhere in the space between research, education, the arts and communities. Occasional posts on culture, creativity and learning with a dose of observational urbanism, and anything else that catches my attention. Graham Jeffery Mick Fri, 24 Jul 09 16:56:54 -0600 It's a hub for news and comment, between Ireland and Britain and beyond Mick Left Outside Thu, 23 Jul 09 21:05:39 -0600 Left Outside is a blog which I set up because 9 months on form finishing University I was very very bored as a "Customer Service Representative." I write on Capitalism, Immigration, Socialism, our deceitful media and International Relations. I try to be inquisitive and insightful, but quite often end up angry and frustrated. Left Outside Mark Robinson Thu, 23 Jul 09 15:36:22 -0600 Executive Director of Arts Council England North East shares some thoughts, suggestions and provocations on arts and cultural policy, strategy and practice Mark Robinson Jim Godfrey Wed, 22 Jul 09 16:37:17 -0600 A mix of Politics, PR and pop culture. Jim Godfrey Mark Nottingham Wed, 22 Jul 09 12:08:35 -0600 TBC Mark Nottingham William Crawley Wed, 22 Jul 09 01:21:44 -0600 I write about my work as a broadcaster, the programmes I make, the books I read, the people I meet, and the issues and ideas that emerge from those encounters. William Crawley Noel Hatch Tue, 21 Jul 09 21:15:13 -0600 As Chair of Compass Youth, I'm always looking for new ways of bringing people together to build campaigns. I'm always amazed by the energy and passion of the people I meet and the different skills they bring to making change happen - the ideas we try out, the campaigns we work on, the relationships we build together. I want to share those stories through my blog. Noel Hatch Hannah Bourne Tue, 21 Jul 09 08:44:16 -0600 Contributed to by Make Your Mark staff and guest bloggers from the world of enterprise we have a common goal - to encourage people to set up businesses. In our blog we share insights, inspiration and opportunities. Hannah Bourne Anton Howes Mon, 20 Jul 09 20:24:51 -0600 Observations of an aspiring public servant. Generally very policy orientated. Anton Howes Andrew Reeves Mon, 20 Jul 09 16:26:19 -0600 A political blog by a 41 year old gay Lib Dem living in Edinburgh. Andrew Reeves William Shaw Mon, 20 Jul 09 12:55:44 -0600 Arts and social change? The RSA Arts & Ecology Centre blog reports on and discusses the art world's engagement with climate and other social issues. William Shaw David Floyd Mon, 20 Jul 09 12:22:40 -0600 Beanbags and Bullsh!t is a critically friendly look at the world of social enteprise, written by the Managing Director of a small social enterprise. David Floyd Mark Leech Mon, 20 Jul 09 09:44:25 -0600 TBC Mark Leech Chris Atherton Mon, 20 Jul 09 08:56:08 -0600 University lecturer with short attention span writes about education, technology, and how to get your message across without losing your audience. Chris Atherton Neil Mackin Mon, 20 Jul 09 08:31:33 -0600 Aim to cover topics around my interests: Customer insight, Localism, society (esp. community cohesion), theology, government (local), faith (christianity, inter-faith dialogue), allotments, canals and family life Neil Mackin Sunder Katwala Mon, 20 Jul 09 06:28:33 -0600 I blog at Next Left, the Fabian Society blog, where we try to think out loud about politics and emerging ideas for the left. Sunder Katwala Tom Freeman Sun, 19 Jul 09 22:29:42 -0600 Thinking out loud, mostly about UK politics and the media, from a leftish perspective. I promise never to bring you the latest Westminster gossip. Tom Freeman Toni Bigata Sun, 19 Jul 09 20:17:56 -0600 My personal / professional blog ( I'm a consultant) about technology a a change driver in business & society, business ethics and design as human-object interface [in spanish - just starting again] Toni Bigata Mark Reckons Sun, 19 Jul 09 20:01:06 -0600 I am a Liberal Democrat blogger with a particular interest in electoral reform and evidence based policy regarding drug law. I also run a weekly "Live Chat" during BBC's Question Time. Mark Reckons Geoff McGimpsey Sun, 19 Jul 09 18:46:21 -0600 Thoughts on media and current affairs from Northern Ireland. Nothing heavy - keeping it brief and breezy. Geoff McGimpsey John Stobart Sun, 19 Jul 09 17:52:39 -0600 I've just begun the blog and it's intended to fill a gap - to capture and discuss some of the legal aspects of culture in the widest sense with a regional focus. I am a partner in a largish provincial law firm based in the Midlands and e support the arts in a number of ways. John Stobart Dave Briggs Sun, 19 Jul 09 14:43:49 -0600 It's about digital community engagement, mainly for government though I talk about other stuff too, now and again. Dave Briggs David Taylor Sun, 19 Jul 09 12:39:14 -0600 Irregular posts on politics, technology, football, food and the other things that tend to make up my life. David Taylor Joe Nutt Sat, 18 Jul 09 21:13:15 -0600 I blog about educational news and research, but I also use it as marketing for my books for English Literature students. Joe Nutt Max Atkinson Sat, 18 Jul 09 17:34:44 -0600 Mainly about speaking, presentation and communication in politics, business and the media - based on observations and often illustrated with video clips. Max Atkinson Jim Jepps Sat, 18 Jul 09 16:44:15 -0600 It's a left field, green politics blog. Hopefully funny and thoughtful by turns. Jim Jepps Carmen D'Cruz Sat, 18 Jul 09 16:36:45 -0600 Mainly reviews of London Sceptics in the Pub, but I also dish out my take on crazy things that happen in my happening little life. Carmen D'Cruz Carl Sat, 18 Jul 09 16:14:28 -0600 Raincoat Optimism is a current affairs blog with a broad support range for the British Labour Party. Its managed alone by me, Carl, in my spare time. Carl James Graham Sat, 18 Jul 09 14:40:14 -0600 Politics, comics, life, film and everything in between. James Graham Martin Robbins Sat, 18 Jul 09 14:18:37 -0600 The blog of a freelance science writer who also writes for LibCon, The Guardian and The Times Science Blog, advocating evidence-based policy. Martin Robbins Carl Gardner Sat, 18 Jul 09 14:18:35 -0600 Carl Gardner writes about politics, culture and ideas. Carl Gardner Jeff Breslin Sat, 18 Jul 09 14:15:56 -0600 SNP Tactical Voting is a website for discussing Holyrood and Westminster politics from a Scottish viewpoint with a particular focus on polling and elections. Jeff Breslin Jane Mason Sat, 18 Jul 09 11:14:46 -0600 Social and business commentary from an ex partner of a strategy consulting firm. Current fascination is with virtue: whether we can embed virtuous behaviour in the wider consciousness, who is responsible for doing so, and how do we do it? Jane Mason Andrew Regan Sat, 18 Jul 09 00:50:22 -0600 Bloggers4Labour is the original aggregation service for Labour bloggers. Andrew Regan Paulie Sat, 18 Jul 09 00:01:20 -0600 Centre-left & decentralising. I don't know what I think until I read what I've written. Paulie Paul Evans Fri, 17 Jul 09 23:58:06 -0600 A blog about representative democracy, social media and a conversational politics. How will peer-to-peer communications change local democracy? How is representation changing? Paul Evans shane dillon Fri, 17 Jul 09 23:17:06 -0600 Randon thoughts on Digital Diplomacy perhaps some politics maybe some cinema. shane dillon martin robinson Fri, 17 Jul 09 20:31:36 -0600 Education, Education, Education... Culture, Mastery, Necessity, Fun, Play, Focus and Frolics martin robinson Steph Gray Fri, 17 Jul 09 20:15:16 -0600 A personal blog, from someone inside a large Government department, about the practical side of helping a government organisation use social media to have more interesting conversations with colleagues, stakeholders and the public, and the tools to do it with. Steph Gray Libby Davy Fri, 17 Jul 09 16:11:07 -0600 Eclectic musings in and around the power of social media to help us learn, connect, create. Generally try and keep things short, accessible and visual, but occasionally end up going waaay down the rabbit hole with my love of the written word. Libby Davy Letters From A Tory Fri, 17 Jul 09 15:45:43 -0600 Daily political blog from a centre-right perspective. Letters From A Tory Daniel Snell Fri, 17 Jul 09 14:56:24 -0600 Late Arrival: The scribbles and ramblings of a man committed to enriching/changing himself, others, community and society. Passionate about human growth and education Daniel Snell Angus Willson Fri, 17 Jul 09 14:53:16 -0600 Community geography and learning in a digital, connected world. Angus Willson Theo Blackwell Fri, 17 Jul 09 13:59:50 -0600 Political blog, focusing on local government issues Theo Blackwell Mark Pack Fri, 17 Jul 09 13:19:29 -0600 TBC Mark Pack Matthew Shaw Fri, 17 Jul 09 13:13:17 -0600 A blog about the exhibition 'Taking Liberties: The struggle for Britain's freedoms and rights' (British Library, London, 31 Oct 2008-1 Mar 2009) by curator Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw Phil BC Fri, 17 Jul 09 13:07:58 -0600 Sociology with a militant twist. Phil BC Simon Pitkeathley Fri, 17 Jul 09 13:06:34 -0600 Thoughts from a small business in the UK. Simon Pitkeathley Anthony Zacharzewski Fri, 17 Jul 09 12:54:07 -0600 A blog on politics, democracy and participation. Anthony Zacharzewski James Burke Fri, 17 Jul 09 12:45:29 -0600 Focus on e-learning, Open Source, Creative Commons related issues for UK education and business James Burke Richard Marsh Fri, 17 Jul 09 12:43:22 -0600 Opinion, research and insight into the UK charity sector Richard Marsh Justin Griggs Fri, 17 Jul 09 12:39:22 -0600 I'm a real amateur blogger but aspiring to share some thoughts about local councils and our hyperlocal tier of local government Justin Griggs Vincenzo Rampulla Fri, 17 Jul 09 12:38:42 -0600 Mainly left-leaning political thought but also general views from a 20-something living in London... Vincenzo Rampulla paul thomson Fri, 17 Jul 09 09:06:55 -0600 wrestling with politics, media, art and anarchic christianity in a post-empire scotland - from working class perspective paul thomson Joe Hallgarten Thu, 16 Jul 09 21:34:11 -0600 Rambling ruminations on culture, politics, education and the state. Joe Hallgarten Matthew Cain Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:48:14 -0600 Labour politics, being a Dad in Hackney and supporting Liverpool. Matthew Cain Suburban Musings Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:45:33 -0600 Thoughts on the worlds, ideas, events and beliefs from the viewpoint of a 27 year old in anonymous, English suburbia. Suburban Musings Stuart Gray Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:44:27 -0600 A record of the working life of a London Ambulance Paramedic. All in-confidence. All real. Stuart Gray Public Strategy Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:42:46 -0600 Public Strategist works for a UK government department. The views expressed in this blog are his own and do not represent the position of the government. Public Strategy Matthew Taylor Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:41:37 -0600 Politics, brains, social action and the day to day life of the RSA’s chief executive Matthew Taylor John Craig-Sharples Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:40:16 -0600 This blog sets out some personal observations on some of the issues concerning public sector reform which I find particularly interesting – behaviour change, the limitations of regulation, the potential of social media and other random subjects which catch my attention. John Craig-Sharples Andy Sawford Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:39:13 -0600 The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) is the leading think-tank and membership organisation for local democracy in the UK Andy Sawford Neil Robertson Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:37:36 -0600 a blog of under-rehearsed and over-caffeinated stammerings from Neil Robertson, a 24-year-old who lives and works in Sheffield. From time to time, the blog will contain ill-informed missives on British/American politics, popular culture and other miscellaneous outbursts which only ever make sense to the author. Neil Robertson Martin Belam Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:36:13 -0600 currybetdotnet is my personal blog. I'm an internet consultant, information architect and writer based in London. Since February 2009 I've been working as the Information Architect in the Guardian's web development team, responsible for the website. Martin Belam New Philanthropy Capital Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:34:35 -0600 An organisation that enables charities and funders to do good, better. New Philanthropy Capital Four Cultures Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:33:00 -0600 Opening up the horizon for something else. Four Cultures Richard Partington Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:31:19 -0600 As If For Life attempts to further Dickens’ wisdom. Blog author’s Pippin and Titch cast an involved, interested and often satirical eye on current affairs, arts, culture, literature, music and people. Richard Partington Mike Chitty Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:29:22 -0600 I blog on person centred management and leadership, and enterprise and entrepreneurship in the community. Mike Chitty Nick Temple Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:27:42 -0600 Blog of the School for Social Entrepreneurs: news, views and information on social entrepreneurs, social enterprise and the wider third sector. Nick Temple Patrick Olszowski Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:19:52 -0600 Campaigning, ecampaigning, politics, discussion Patrick Olszowski Alice Casey Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:18:36 -0600 Participation, engagement, involvement, connection, community, empowerment, cohesion, innovation, deliberation, collaboration…. This blog tries to make some sense out of the jargon! Alice Casey Liam Murray Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:17:07 -0600 TBC Liam Murray Julian Dobson Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:15:15 -0600 Exploring better ways to live, and how to make better places to live in. If you like what you read here, please share it. Julian Dobson The Social Business Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:14:16 -0600 The Social Business - Rob Greenland's blog on changing the world through social entrepreneurship The Social Business Emma Mulqueeny Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:07:13 -0600 Digital engagement in government. Emma Mulqueeny Paul Bickerstaffe Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:05:35 -0600 The Labour councillor for Bickerstaffe Ward, West Lancashire. It seeks to bring local news to Bickerstaffe and West Lancashire residents, but keeps getting sidetracked by other stuff, for which I apologise. Paul Bickerstaffe Patrick Hadfield Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:04:02 -0600 Thoughts about management, learning, business and things that interest me. Patrick Hadfield Conor Ryan Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:03:12 -0600 A blog about politics, education, Ireland, culture and travel. Conor Ryan Charles Crawford Thu, 16 Jul 09 20:02:20 -0600 The World's First Diplomatic Blogoir Charles Crawford Socialist Unity Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:58:38 -0600 The blog of socialist unity. Socialist Unity Chekov Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:57:36 -0600 Reflections and rants on politics, current affairs, football, culture, Northern Ireland, Russia, Eastern Europe and life. Chekov Alfie Dog Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:56:57 -0600 I am Alfie Dog and this is my private diary, written with a little help on the keyboard by my owner Rosemary J Kind ( I tend to find my paws hit more than one key at once). Alfie Dog Shiraz Socialist Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:54:43 -0600 TBC Shiraz Socialist Hatfield Girl Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:50:47 -0600 'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free' Hatfield Girl Leigh Caldwell Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:48:55 -0600 Can we understand how people act by understanding what they know? Towards a model of knowledge which explains behavioural economics and apparent irrationality. Leigh Caldwell John Ingham Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:48:08 -0600 A consultant, researcher, writer and speaker focusing on strategic human capital management. I have worked in HR and change management for 20 years (including as an HR Director). John Ingham Matt Wardman Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:44:36 -0600 A political and media online magazine and discussion site in the form of a multi-author blog. Matt Wardman Bishop Alan Wilson Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:43:27 -0600 Alan Wilson Child of God by adoption and grace, husband of Lucy, father of five, jumped-up vicar (Area Bishop of Buckingham) Bishop Alan Wilson Hadleigh Roberts Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:41:41 -0600 A languages student at the University of Bath, GB who currently works for Le Parti Socialiste in Nice, France. He writes about Politics & Society in Britain & France. Hadleigh Roberts Rowland Manthorpe Thu, 16 Jul 09 19:40:09 -0600 This is my blog. It's mainly about the book I'm writing: Confidence, forthcoming from Bloomsbury. Rowland Manthorpe