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A wider audience for your best blog posts

A source of inspiration for your own writing

Blogging at its best informs and inspires. But not all bloggers have the time to compete with professionals to build up a consistently big readership.

Generally, we bloggers are happy to accept the judgement of our readers; it’s they who decide whether to pass on or link to a post.  But just as we are sometimes surprised at the amount of comment a quick post can generate, there are other occasions when we are disappointed when a post which we think deserves wider discussion fails to take off.

There are too many bloggers and not enough readers so genuinely good posts can fall between the cracks. And many amateur bloggers (those for whom it is not a core part of their paid work) have guiltily to admit that they don’t find the time they should to find the offerings of their peers.

That’s why we’ve come together to set up the Bloggers Circle.

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